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Our Expertise

Banking, Financing ,Securities

We are specializing in banking, financing and securities business with extensive experience in the financial sector including securities law, banking, trusts and funds. We have provided legal services to several banks, insurance companies, broker companies, trust and investment companies, asset management companies, and other companies in transactions and cases relating to financing, syndicated loans, securitization, derivatives products, trading, shares sale and purchase, sale of non-performing loans, personal data protections, anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing policies, consumer disputes and other disputes relating to derivatives transactions, fin-tech patents, etc.Our Service Scope

  •   Draft agreements, revise agreements, participate in negotiation, conduct due diligence, and provide legal opinions for below matters

–     Syndicated loan

–     Derivatives products

–     Securitization

–     Sale or Purchase of non-perform loans

–    Standard bank agreements and documentations as well as their English or Chinese translation-  Fin- tech

–    Litigations



Merger and Acquisition

We have assisted our clients in many mergers and acquisitions transactions in different industries.

  • Our Service Scope

–    Prepare agreements for sale/purchase of shares, sale/purchase of asset, transfer of businesses, shareholders agreement, management agreement, employment agreement, etc.

–    Provide legal advice in protection of intellectual property rights, prepare agreements and assist in application for IP transfer and licensing.

–     Provide annual legal counsel services to handle the corporate and labor matters during and after the merger and acquisition.

Cross Border Investment

We have extensive experience in representing both foreign and domestic clients in investment and other related projects in Taiwan and third countries.

  • Service Scope

–    Assist in investment structure design.

–    Conduct legal due diligence.

–    Draft memorandums, investment agreements, joint-venture agreements, shareholders agreements, management agreements, technology license agreements, purchase agreement, lease-back agreement, etc.

–    Attend negotiations.

–    Provide legal advice relating to regulatory requirements, special approval, required registrations and risks.

–     Assist in application for set-up, company registration (in Taiwan or third countries), special approval, trademarks, liquidation and suspension of businesses, etc.

Real Property
Intellectual Property

We have assisted domestic and foreign clients in many intellectual property cases, including trademark registration, trademark protection, transfer of trademark, patent protection, patent litigation, copyright protection, copyright litigation, etc.

  • Our Service Scope

–    Provide legal advice in IP protection strategy and IP management

–    Assist in trademark application

–    Represent client in application for objection, reexamination of rejection, disputes and revocation of patents or trademarks

–    Represent client in IP litigation.

–    Assist clients in IP search and investigation

–    Prepare agreements for licensing and transfer of IP rights

–     Draft publishing contracts and copyrights licensing contracts

Employment and Labor

We endeavor to keep long term relationship with our clients. Based on mutual trust and cooperation, we are acquainted with our clients’ businesses, managers, corporate culture and needs.We provide many clients with legal consultant services relating to their day-to-day operation, businesses, labor issues, consumer disputes, corporate registration, trademarks,products, office leases, etc.

  •  Our Service Scope

–    Provide legal advice, consultation, and legal opinions.

–    Assist in drafting, reviewing and amending agreements, contracts, constitutions, public announcement, standard agreements, board resolutions, shareholders’ resolutions and other legal documents

–    Participate in consultation, mediation and negotiation of transactions and disputes.

–    Assist clients in communication with government and custom authority.

–    Represent clients in lawsuits, consumer disputes and mediation meetings.

–    Provide corporate secretary services, such as change of corporate registration records, change of director, increase or decrease of capital, etc.

–    Draft and amend internal policies, work rules, employee handbook, employment agreement.

–    Represent clients in labor disputes and mediation meetings.

–    Provide Chinese or English translation of agreements, internal policies and other documents upon request of clients.

Corporate Compliance
Dispute Resolution